Another poem from my new love poetry book “Romantic Confessions”

You can never know

From the moment we met I felt it
The slow burn of love deep in my heart
So simple a meeting so deeply moved me
My once frozen heart began to thaw
Scared to be hurt I resisted
Tried to imagine it was all in my mind
Not drilling deep into my revived heart
Driving it to beat again after so long
Your love transforms and warms me
Never have I felt so free to be happy
Walking then running I leapt towards you
Knowing your arms would save me
The fall seemed to last forever
And then you were there arms outstretched
I surrendered to your embrace
Suddenly the world fell away
There was only you and I
Until the end of time it shall be
Always and forever
Hearts entwined
I love you
(page 33 of Romantic Confessions – order now)

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