Another sample poem from my new book-Romantic Confessions

Lost in the fog

Wandering the streets I am lost
Fog creeps around me circling
Shapes move in and out of focus
Are you there in the fog
Hiding and watching as I stumble
Unsure which way to proceed
There are no sounds in the darkness
Only the shapes and my fear
I run blindly onward
Seeking the path to your love
Fingers of fog reaching out for me
Grazing my skin I try to evade
Escape the terror of their pursuit
Find the place where your love is
A love that burns so hot and bright
That darkness and the fog are no more
But until that time I am trapped
Lost and alone with only my fear
Longing to feel your warm touch
Ignoring the dangers of the fog
Evading what lurks in the darkness
Hoping that I find your shadow
And follow it all the way to you
Take you into a long embrace
As the fog swirls around us
Our love will protect us
I am seeking you my love
Wait for me and soon we will be
Lost together in the mist
(page 35 of “Romantic Confessions” available now)

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