Another poem from my new love poetry book Romantic Confessions – Lost Touch

Lost Touch

The first rays of morn fall upon our cold bed
You have gone and will never return to us
Why did you have to leave me so alone
Nothing and no one can heal me
I lay in the ending darkness so sad
You were my all and my life
Death waited until we were so happy
And in an instant you were gone
Each day I struggle to rise and shine
Failing miserably without my one
No compass to guide my heart
Home a word I used to use
Now just a place where I cry
Praying for the day I meet Death
And unleash my fury and rage
Never will he forget what loss means
He will learn a lesson that day
Love lost too soon so cruelly
Oh he will pay dearly and shed a tear
For the love he destroyed taking you
Tears will flow from his empty eyes
Shaking he will fall before me
Begging for forgiveness and redemption
Only then will he know the pain
Of one who’s lost all by his dead hand
And wallow forever unforgiven by me
My words and pain forever on his mind
Staining his cold empty soul for eternity
This I swear my lost angel
(page 45 of Romantic Confessions – order now)

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2 thoughts on “Another poem from my new love poetry book Romantic Confessions – Lost Touch

  1. **********CONGRATULATIONS************


    Continue to Kick Butt & Chew Bubble Gum-=*Good Luck*!


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