Attended great speaking engagement last night-dealing with fear in today’s world

I had the very great pleasure to hear Karen-Elise Clay speak last night. The topic was dealing with fear in today’s world. Covering everything from quantum physics to 2012 it was two hours of inspiration and food for thought. The key takeaway is working to spread love and positive energy to combat the negativity and fear being pushed by many (i.e. pandemic, terrorism, etc.). She explained that we’re moving from one age (Pisces) to another (Aquarius).

Silly me… I knew the musical “Hair” sang about the “Age of Aquarius” in the 60s so I thought it was here or in fact over with. We are actually about midway through the transition from one to the other (characterized by an age of apartness going to an age of coming together and unity). The meditations (my first real experience with such things) were very relaxing. The group of a dozen or so participants were all very nice and everyone was very welcoming. The store was nice-typical new age/crystal/candles/incense/Native American products and materials. It was the right place for the event. I’m just starting to read her book and I highly recommend it. Nothing to lose by spreading the love to combat the fear plaguing us these days! Expand your mind.

Cover of MindsexOrder her book on Amazon
Cover of Mindsex

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