General blog updating – an author trying to make it better

1-Learned how to truncate a long blog post so it’s easier to digest on the homepage and add a “read more” link so interested parties can choose to read the full piece.

Here’s the details on the small code to paste into your blog post to force a “read more”:

2-Learned from a fellow Twitter how to add a “share” button from to allow people to share my blog or specific posts as I choose to their select Social Media subscriptions or email clients. On this page, I scrolled down to the section called “ Sidebar Button Instructions” and just below that is some code to copy/paste and instructions for adding the button to your side bar (as a generic text item). You can also copy that same code at the end of your blog post and people can click to share right from there!

Very cool and big thanks to @ViralExistence for helping me make my blog cooler with this tip!

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