– a winner at boosting WordPress blog traffic

As I mentioned the other day, I had discovered people mentioning a site called – Their site constantly scrolls through blogs in a preview mode. This gives a quick way to stumble on many blogs quickly-most you probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

As soon as I had registered my blog, I started seeing some site traffic daily coming from Condron so it seemed to be working. I noted on their site that referencing them in blog post would get you more traffic so I thought-let’s try it. I was seeing about 6 or 7 hits a day coming from just from registering my blog.

Now that I’ve posted a mention of them-it’s tripled to over two dozen a day. I’m assuming it will continue to increase, but other than Tweeting on Twitter about a new post on my blog today or whatever, has definitely been a nice kick to get my WordPress blog noticed and some traffic to not only the main page, but specific pages within it. Very happy-would love to know of anyone else having similar results (or other ways to legitimately boost blog traffic (in general or specifically with a blog). Check them out!

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