An intimate interview with horror’s queen of screams – Brooke Lewis

unnamedEnjoy an amazing interview with the beyond amazing Brooke Lewis!

Photos credit: ROGER A. SCHECK

Her Twitter profile sums her up perfectly: Actress/Scream Queen/Ms. Vampy/TV Personality/Board Certified Life Coach/Dating Expert/Ask The Drama Queen Advice Columnist/Hot Mess

But, having known her for several years, I would add: One of the most approachable, caring people I’ve ever met. Deeply passionate about helping others, loyal to her fans and always on the move. She is a rare celebrity who is equal parts artist working her craft and an all around great, down-to-earth person who hasn’t let the L.A./Hollywood lifestyle change her.

Robert: What is your earliest memory?

Brooke: I remember being like 3 years old, sitting in front of the TV and pretending I was on the shows! Swear! I was a shy and insecure kid and I think I would improv with the characters on my favorite TV shows to have an escape. I was either destined to be an actress or even CRAZY at a young age!!! 😉

Robert: What do you do to relax? Any specific hobbies or activities you like to do that would surprise your fans?

IMG_4182_2_RETOUCHEDBrooke: Oh, Robert, I don’t think my fans would be surprised at all to hear that I listen to jazz and blues music and drink lotsa wine or tequila to relax! 😉 Although I no longer sing much, they may be surprised to hear that when I am really sad or stressed, I will blast my favorite Broadway show tunes and belt my brains out in my living room!

Robert: If tomorrow were your last day, what would be the first thing you would do?

Brooke: If tomorrow were my last day, I would eat and drink my face off and not even think about calories! I would fly to Italy, Greece and Paris on a private jet! I would let all my family, friends and fans KNOW how loved they are and how grateful I was to be here with them! 🙂

Robert: Why do you think you’ve succeeded in an industry where so many others, particularly women, haven’t?

IMG_4278Brooke: Thank you, Robert! THAT is subjective now! 😉 But, I appreciate you saying that! 🙂 I think I have sacrificed a LOT and fought a hard fight in Hollywood! I keep going when people tell me NO!!! 🙂 It only motivates me more! I have had many disappointments and failures, but I am COMMITTED and I DO NOT QUIT! 🙂 I hold on to my INTEGRITY, as best I can and I try to sleep well on my pillow at night.

Robert: Well you’ve succeeded in winning many hearts & minds who adore you.

Brooke: Awwww Robert, now you will make me cry!!! 😉 I just try to stay in GRATITUDE!!! It is soooo hard sometimes when the chips are down or when you feel like the industry is not on your side! I would not be here this long without my fabulous fans… and, like you, those whom have transformed into friends.

IMG_4310Robert: To date, what has been your most challenging role in a film, on any level (physically, mentally, acting, etc.)?

Brooke: I think doing live Broadway theatre like TONY N’ TINA’S WEDDING 7 shows a week for 3 years was sooo challenging in every way…more so than film and TV! Thank God I was young! 😉 SPRINKLES was one of my most challenging emotional roles yet! I never imagined a short film would create such a dark, emotional challenge for me! Loved every minute of that piece and am grateful it won me “Best Actress” at 3 festivals.

Robert: If you could direct/star in the re-make of a classic horror film, what film would that be and why?

IMG_4315Brooke: I have NO interest in directing! 🙂 Too hard and I have no patience for actors!!! 😛 BUT, I would love to star in THE SHINING or AMITYVILLE HORROR :). Oooo… or SWAMP THING 😛.

Robert: OMFG – if ANYONE could be the love interest (ala Adrienne Barbeau’s character in the 1982 film) it would be you!!! Note to DC Comics – MAKE THIS HAPPEN NOW!

Robert: Speaking of killer casting… What can you share about working on ‘Killer Rack‘ an upcoming film? I love the Twitter profile description: “Betty’s new breast implants are Lovecraftian monsters hell bent on world domination” I understand it’s part of a “shared universe” with an early film “Slime City?”

20150324105226-KR_poster_semi-finalBrooke: LOL! I think I’m kinda a “Lamberson Lifer” :)… along with the super talents of Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Roy Frumkes and Robert Bozek! Seriously, after working with Greg Lamberson on SLIME CITY MASSACRE years ago, I’m kinda his for the taking! When he first reached out to me to play the Voice of the “Killer Rack” (BOOBS) creature, I thought he was out of his mind, but when I read the script, I was ALL IN! I think the audience is going to be pleasantly surprised at the smarts behind this one! Anyone who knows me knows how much I stand for empowering women and the writer and male lead, Paul McGinnis, addressed this perfectly! Of course, it is totally over-the-top and comical, but it wouldn’t work any other way! As a woman who has battled body image issues herself and also life coaches women and young actresses, I think it is great to get important messages out to young people in a comical fashion. Many props and thanks to Greg, Paul, the crew and newcomer, Jessica Zwolack, whose acting was sensational!

Robert: Is there an actor/actress present, or past, you most wish you could/could have worked with? Why?

IMG_4266Brooke: Well, you KNOW my ICONS are Elizabeth Taylor and Mae West!!! They were POWERHOUSE, FEARLESS WOMEN in an era that did not support that!!! They both took Hollywood by storm and broke through the “Boys Club”. They were sooooo sexy, beautiful and strong! Plus, they were a little crazy and dramatic like me! 😉 I am INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!

Robert: How much do you draw upon yourself when creating a character? Ms. Vampy for example or any other role near/dear to your heart.

Brooke: As an actress, I was trained that is all about your “essence” transferred to each different character, under imaginary circumstances. I believe in sense memory work and using what you have personally experienced to make each experience and emotion real, BUT… I have really learned that I gravitate toward roles that contain my “niche” (thanks to Jonn Dapolito!!!). That’s the reason Ms. Vampy is so dear to me and makes sense! She totally is my alter-ego who is sassy, mouthy, fearless and does not care what people think of her! I want to BE her! So, I MUST have those qualities and essence deep down inside. I’m really drawn to roles that are POWERFUL for women!!!

IMG_4276Robert: What do you like the most about working in the horror industry? And what do you like the least?

Brooke: The horror genre has the best and most loyal fans in the world! I love that horror embraces women of all ages, ethnicity and body types! We see powerful women both in front of and behind the camera in horror. The thing I like least is that every person who woke up one day and declared himself a filmmaker, seemed to jump into making a horror flick ;)! Remember, filmmaking takes study, practice, skill and hopefully talent ;)!

Robert: I know we’ve spoken many times about your work to combat the very real horror of bullying. Can you share some of your ongoing efforts and anything new you’ll be pursuing to help support those who are suffering from bullying?

Brooke: As an actress and life coach, I am committed to being a huge support system for people who are victims of bullying! I have written for The Huffington Post, spoken out at events for the LGBT Community in Hollywood, was a Celebrity Judge at The No Bull Teen Video Awards 2014 and had the privilege to coach a few of the beautiful women on Lifetime’s LITTLE WOMEN LA. I want to spread the word that, “You are never alone on this issue!”

I am a Board Certified Life Coach and cover ALL issues, so readers can check out my website.

Robert: You’re about to embark on a Reality TV experience of some kind. I know you probably can’t share details at this point, however, can you expand upon what drew you to this project?

6.2012-12-16-03.11.32Brooke: Yes! I have been acting, writing, producing and kicking around Hollywood and the entertainment business for many years. The trends and tides have changed and are ever-changing, so I can fight it or embrace it! I have actually booked a few Reality spots in the past year, but they did not air or get picked up, so you did not see them. I have been involved in and attached to several shows, so I am embracing wherever the “Hollywood Universe” takes me ;)! I CHOOSE to believe that I can be a successful actress in ALL genres and mediums :)!

I want to thank you for taking time out of your ever-full schedule to chat with me.

Thank you, Robert, for this opportunity, your talents and being YOU!!!

XO Brooke Lewis

IMG_4188_2_RETOUCHEDFollow and learn more about Brooke online:

51bbkHxmDCL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-v3-big,TopRight,0,-55_SX278_SY278_PIkin4,BottomRight,1,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_One of my horror ebooks was inspired by and is dedicated to Brooke. A late night Twitter conversation that revolved around “Curvy Zombies” got my head spinning and soon produced: Dead Woman’s Curve.

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