Are we facing the horror of totalitarianism in the USA?

noun: totalitarianism
  1. a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.

We’re now through the first 100 days of the Trump “presidency” and fortunately the system has worked. What I mean is that through a combination of the minority party in the Congress and citizen protests have worked to keep some of the most onerous efforts from occurring despite the GOP controlling two of three branches of government (Executive and Legislative) and nominally the third (Judicial) based on Trump’s only tangible “success,” which was getting his Supreme Court nominee on the court.

Trump’s campaign and administration is tainted by the Russiagate scandal and is, of course, furious that the press and public won’t just let that go. The GOP loves beating the dead horse of a fake scandal (i.e., Benghazi, email server, etc.) ad nauseam, but a real scandal focused on them historically has followed the same path.

Attack the facts. Attack the person(s) revealing the facts. Attack the media for discussing the facts. Attack the process that allows facts to be investigated. Attack lower rung team members for betraying the team. Lie and obfuscate is the order of the day.

So what are we seeing now from Trump and his team in response to the investigations of corruption and malicious Russian influence on our electoral and presidential process? They are attacking the Constitution and Congressional processes. In other words, the fact that malfeasance can be investigated, the minority party can undermine attempts to push through blatant partisan policies and the press can do their job enshrined in the First Amendment is driving them nuts.

In response, the Trump administration is feeding their gang of followers with a meme that our system of government is broken. That, similar to prior comments about needing “Second Amendment solutions” to people, starts a fire that can lead to a dark place.

In addition, they have advised that they’re exploring changing the laws around libel, directly focused on the press which would mean an attack on the First Amendment protections of a free press. At the heart of the matter, is muzzling the press to prevent them from publishing stories and facts that highlight crimes, scandals or anything contrary to the state’s narrative.

That’s highly disturbing and the type of actions seen in dictatorships who implement totalitarian regimes that crush press freedom to enforce conformity. By controlling the media and message, the public has one view into reality and would be unable to make informed decisions or choices. Which is exactly what those with this world view want.

They want us to: Obey. Conform. Submit. Fear.

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